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Hey Kids! Like to write & draw?

Click on Snickerdoodle's new "Peacemaker Superhero Kit" page
and send us your big ideas! See kids' original stories and drawings on the Kids' Big Ideas page.

Hey Teachers!

Share your successful lesson plans using Snickerdoodle and win a $25 cash award!
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Submit your class’s  “Peacemaker Heroes” creative or volunteer service project and win a $25 cash award and free set of Snickerdoodle® books for your school library. (See details on the Peacemaker Superhero Kit page. )

Check out these sites for young peacemakers for classroom project ideas that will connect you and your students to awesome possibilities for making a difference in the world!

Hey Parents!

See what other parents are doing to spread Snickerdoodle's fun in their communities in our Parents Sharing Corner.

Hear Snickerdoodle's  Bully-Busting RAP for Little Guys!

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Boys drawing at Fall Kidsfest

Isaac and Niko Dill (age 3)
enjoy coloring with "Snickerdoodle" at Fall Kidsfest, Fairfax, VA in September 2012



Parents! Grandparents!

Do you enjoy storytime with your kids?
Are you tired of the assault on children’s imaginative play by “consumer” culture’s icons of violent warrior superheroes, monsters, sci-fi creatures, and robots?

Ever wish there was a “peacemaker superhero” for little kids who would be a nonviolent role model and actually encourage kids to use their creativity and imagination to solve problems and contribute their own “big ideas” for a more peaceful (and fun) world?

SNICKERDOODLE® to the rescue!

SnickerdoodleWhat’s a “Snickerdoodle?” You may know it as a delicious cookie, but in my family, “Snickerdoodle” was a tiny tall tale hero and champion for the ‘little guy’ introduced in stories by my grandfather almost a century ago.

  • Snickerdoodle, a powerful pee-wee peacemaker and fearless adventurer, hails from the legendary American “Doodle” family: his uncle is Yankee Doodle; his cousin is Polly Wolly Doodle!

  • Snickerdoodle rides to adventure in a magic peanutmobile®, and he uses humor and imagination to outwit bullies and turn enemies into friends.

  • For Snickerdoodle, laughter is a healing force, and he encourages all to lighten up and appreciate the “small wonders” all around.

Fun in a nutshell!

Whether you’re a parent or grandparent, on this site you’ll discover fun ways to connect with your kids (and discover the spirit of the peacemaker superhero that lives within us all!):


Award-winning children’s books:

Parents’ Sharing Corner
See how other parents are creating fun “Snickerdoodle” experiences for their children.

Attention, preK-3 Teachers and Children’s Librarians:
FREE educational resources and lesson plans!

It is my joy to share my grandfather’s legacy of “Snickerdoodle”® with you.

I hope you will become a storyteller and will share Snickerdoodle’s history, tall tales, and message with your children—read with them and encourage them to create their own stories and adventures!

Clare Ham GrosebauerSnickerdoodle shows kids:
“Real power shines within you!
You’re never too little to make a difference— because you’re never too little to help someone!”

Clare Ham Grosgebauer



See an interview with Snickerdoodle’s author on The Reading Tub.






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