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Snickerdoodle Rap


Hey, little dude! This rap is for you!
So when you're facin' tough stuff, just say "CAN DO!"

If a Doodle can do it
Any dude'll pull through it!
Yeah, if a Doodle can do it,
YOU can do it, too!

Now who was SNICKERDOODLE? He was just a little dude...
But his power and strength were in his ATTITUDE!

Because he THOUGHT big he could "whup" the bad guys.
He was strong, tough, and cool-- in spite of his size!

Well how did he do it? He was never afraid--
He'd surprise those dudes with a joke that he'd made!

If they were doin' stuff that needed correction,
SNICKERDOODLE found that HUMOR provided protection.

Yeah, he knew how to make those dudes laugh and smile.
His WEAPON was HUMOR, and he did it with style.

SNICKERDOODLE was known both far and wide,
He said, "Dudes, don't ya worry-- hey, we're on the same side!"

"No need to act mean, no need to defend
Your own private turf-- don't ya see-- I'm your FRIEND!"

Making friends with the bad guys? Are you a fool?
They could sqush you and mush you-- and that isn't cool.

But the power behind you is much greater by far
Than mean faces or threats-- if you know who you are!

Yeah, you can be bigger than they'll ever be!
Be a dude who can do it-- a powerful pee-wee!

REAL POWER shines within you-- keeps you steady,
keeps you calm...
No, it's NOT in your muscles or a gun or a bomb!

So if a big tough dude crosses your path,
surprise him with kindness-- or be a friend, make him laugh!

If a Doodle can do it,
Any dude'll pull through it.
Yeah, if a doodle can do it---
Then YOU CAN DO IT, too!

© 2001 by Clare H. Grosgebauer. All rights reserved.

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Are You a “Dude Who Can Do It?”

Hey Kids! Send us your ideas and stories about how YOU are a “dude who can do it”—“a powerful pee-wee”—like Snickerdoodle! Share ideas about how you deal with “tough stuff”-- by using humor, imagination, courage, or kindness. Stories (or a poem or a “rap”) can be “real” (true story) or fantasy (an idea you like to imagine doing). Or, tell about a real community service project (or an idea for one) that you enjoy doing with your school class, a group, or a team.YOUR ideas can HELP OTHER KIDS, too—so think BIG, and yes, YOU are a “dude who can do it!” YOU can make a difference!

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