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"Snickerdoodle" cupcakes: "Fun" Raiser!

FundreaiserWe did a "Snickerdoodle cupcakes" fundraising event for the Cedarburg Education Foundation (CEF). This event supports our local schools and gives back to the community. We made and sold cupcakes with a "Snickerdoodle" theme, giving away Snickerdoodle stickers and balloons, and displaying the books and toy. After the event, we donated the books and toy to our local preschool.

Audrey Diehl,
Cedarburg, Wisconsin

Recipe for Fun: A “Snickerdoodle” Birthday Party

Birthday cakeMy two boys love Snickerdoodle! I have a 2-year-old and a 4-year-old. They beg for the Snickerdoodle CD every time we get in the car. They sing along to all the songs! The 2-year-old  asks for a Snickerdoodle book every night. It should have come as no surprise when I asked what kind of birthday party they wanted… SNICKERDOODLE!

Party preparations got underway. And what a surprise! It was simple!
I ordered 30 books for the party favors. I ordered 2 of the Activity Books and made coloring pages and mazes for the kids to color at the party. I also requested and got 30 free Snickerdoodle balloons and stickers. The local grocery store blew up the balloons for .50 each.

PartyI made a big square cake and frosted it with vanilla icing. Around the edges I put “Nutter Butter” cookies (peanut car) and I made color copies of Spitfire Jim and Snickerdoodle from the book and taped them to popsicle sticks and put them on the cake! I wrote “Happy Birthday” on the cake and I was done! It took less than 30 minutes to decorate--- my easiest (and cheapest) cake ever!

We hung two Snickerdoodle posters along with yellow streamers and the balloons—it was very festive! The parents sat and read the book during the party-- and they loved it, and they thought my idea was amazing.

We also requested no gifts at the party and took donations on a money tree for the Children’s Hospital. (Powerful Pee-Wees making a BIG difference!!)
It was a wonderful party. The boys will never forget it!

Lainee Copeland
Austin, Texas

Invitation to Parents

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