Sites for Young Peacemakers/Activists

Volunteer service projects for kids’ groups and school classes.
Features stories in the news about heroes (kids included); invites kids’ submissions of hero stories and helps them create a webpage for their heroes.
A national nonprofit organization promoting character education, community service. Providing opportunities for kids’ submissions, recognition, and scholarship awards.
Great ideas for kids’ participation in organization dedicated to peace-building.
An inspiring website and foundation based on the vision and projects of the late young peacemaker-poet Mattie Stepanek. Opportunities for kids, schools, teachers to contribute and showcase their peace projects.
Supports kids as peacemakers through innovative team games to create peaceful schools and communities.
The World Peace Game Foundation was founded in 2010 based on the work of Charlottesville, VA award-winning teacher/creative educational consultant extraordinaire Dr. John Hunter, whose bestselling book , World Peace and Other 4th Grade Achievements, which  is transforming classrooms and social studies curricula at elementary-middle-high school levels by developing kids’ creative thinking and analytical/social/problem-solving skills in a hands-on board/strategy-building game that has also inspired and challenged military officials at the Pentagon and diplomats alike!
The Unites States Institute of Peace, is a Washington, DC-based nonpartisan organization, Congressionally funded, dedicated to teaching nonviolent global conflict resolution skills and providing resource materials and program assistance/policymaking expertise.
The Institute sponsors an annual Peace Essay Contest, open to 9th-12th graders across the USA. First prize (scholarship amount) is $10,000, with second place at $5000 and third place at $2500. Winners in each of the 50 states receive $1000 each.
A unique publisher and bookstore with resources to promote peacemaking and social justice. Their mission is to “transform the world through teachable moments.” Big ideas for teachers, parents, and kids.
See Don’t Laugh at Me, A character education project developed by Operation Respect, a nonprofit organization founded by Peter Yarrow of the folk group, Peter Paul, and Mary. Provides resources for schools such as CDs and lesson plans to teach nonviolent conflict resolution and to prevent bullying, school violence, and susceptibility to gang influence.

Here are two more sites for helping kids, parents, and teachers deal with bullying issues:

And a few more great peace education sites….



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